“Yael is the best!”

My wife was having our first baby at home and we knew that we needed some extra support. Yael came over twice during the pregnancy to talk to us and answer any questions we had. She assisted us not only with preparing for the birth, but also with newborn care basics. 

During my wife's labor she was a calm spirit, who helped my wife feel comfortable and helped support me in knowing how I could help best. She was the best decision we made. In fact one of the first things my wife and I said the day after our daughter was born was that we didn't pay Yael enough. She is worth every penny!

My wife is pregnant with our second child due this Winter and we are thrilled that Yael will be part of our birth team again.

— S.D.

“Every step of the way...”

Where to start! Yael is incredibly gifted and everyone should have her as their doula!! We were hesitant about hiring a doula at first because we didn't want to push my husband out of the process and we thought it might be awkward to have a stranger at our birth there to support us. We took a birthing class with Manhattan Birth (amazing class!) and they said if we learn only one thing it's that we should get a doula. We started looking into it and decided we'd reach out to a couple people and see how it goes. We first met Yael at a coffee shop and both my husband and I knew walking away that we didn't need to meet with anyone else. To our surprise it just felt right! We hung out a couple more times before our due date and got to know each other. Our birth was 180 degrees different from what we were hoping but because of Yael and what we learned at our birthing class we felt comfortable with every decision along the way. Right after delivery Yael helped our baby boy latch for the first time. Breastfeeding was our biggest priority and Yael made sure that started out on the right foot. Our little guy had a medical complication shortly after delivery and Yael was there every step of the way. We both felt more empowered and in control during one of the most challenging experiences in our lives because of Yael's support. We can't imagine having gone through this process without her.

— J.D.

There are so many wonderful things to say about Yael! She is a warm, insightful woman, wise beyond her years and passionate about what she does. Yael was such a reassuring presence during our baby's birth, and having her advice as an IBCLC was invaluable. We chose to have our baby at a hospital-based birthing center, but she will not push an agenda and will support YOUR choices, whatever they may be.

— L.B.

If you are seeking a doula, Yael has to be one of the best in NYC. She was such an amazing resource before, during, and after the birth of our daughter!! We found her to be warm, knowledgeable, personable, professional, inspiring, reassuring, and 100% supportive of my birth plan. Even in the days leading up to the birth, I was texting Yael about questions and concerns I had, and her perspective always helped me to see things clearly and make informed decisions. On the big day, I did an intervention free birth in the hospital, and even though some of the nurses doubted I could follow through, Yael had complete faith in me. And she was right there with us for over 20 hours of labor! It was honestly because of her that my husband and I were able to follow through on what we had envisioned. She helped me labor at home and helped me decide when to go to the hospital. She worked seamlessly with the hospital staff. She stayed with me after the birth and took pictures and showed me how to breastfeed. She checked on me the week after. Looking back, we are so happy with how our birth experience went, and Yael was a huge part of that. She is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone for prenatal education, attending a birth, or postpartum work/lactation consulting. We'll be forever grateful to her!

— E.H.

“I would hire her again in an instant”

Yael is absolutely the best! Along with her long list of credentials, she is skilled, supportive, grounded, informed, authentic and funny. She felt like an old friend, someone I could trust to witness me in total vulnerability, who has my back and knows her stuff when it comes to birth. I immediately felt at home with Yael and knew she was the right doula for me. My husband and I planned on having a home birth, but ended up in the hospital because I was post term, and Yael was indispensable to us, helping to navigate a natural hospital birth. She was the perfect choice for me, and I would hire her again in an instant if I decide to have another child!

— L.R.


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