Prenatal Breastfeeding Class ($300)

Lactation Consultations ($250-$300)

The first few days are a really challenging time to absorb much new information- by talking through all of the breastfeeding basics ahead of time, my hope is that we can avoid too many moments of staring at your baby wondering “now what?!”

We will cover:

  • The science and logistics behind how breastfeeding even works
  • How to detect early feeding cues
  • What normal and realistic newborn nursing patterns look like
  • How to comfortably position yourself and baby
  • How to achieve a comfortable latch
  • Any other questions or curiosities you may have!

Visits typically last about 1.5-2hrs, in which I assess both your anatomy and your baby’s, observe a feeding, and work with you to develop a realistic plan to achieve your goals.