Birth work requires humility, openness, compassion, and the ability to stay awake for upwards of 36 hours — what it does not require is knowing everything. Every birthing person I have worked with has known how to get their baby out, whether they were aware of it or not. The challenge is believing this to be true. It is so easy to doubt, fear, or deny our innate knowledge and abilities until proven wrong. A newborn doesn’t have time for this nonsense. They get themselves out one way or another they show us how. When do we unlearn this? What messages do we take in as we grow and live in our perception of the world that unravel this knowledge we are born into?

Born Knowing was created as a space to ask these questions and explore their answers. It exists as a platform to seek and receive the support and information we need as we consider our reproductive bodies, our ability to grow people inside of us, our strength in giving birth, and our ease and freedom as we evolve into parenthood.

Born Knowing means that expectant families can find the support, information and education they seek in order to make the decisions that are right for them.

Born Knowing means keeping things simple and clearing the path for new parents to connect to what they need, allowing space to focus on taking care of ourselves and our babies.

Let’s change the conversation, create community and relearn what we were born knowing.